Encaustic Assemblage

Encaustic assemblages.

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  • Music Machine

  • Message from the Universe


    I was told that four mathematical equations created the universe, and they are included in this artwork.

  • Perception of Time

  • Finding the Key


    Let go of the past, tell a new story, find the key to your future, open the door to your growth.

  • Endurance



    This artwork is named Endurance because of the items contained therein. Turtles have persevered for centuries. Rocks are made smooth by water, but they have the ability to change and withstand time. Feathers suggest a spiritual path. One must have endurance and the ability to change to travel the spiritual path.

  • Window of Opportunity

    Window Of Opportunity


    This artwork is about the Unfolding of Good in your Life.

  • Embrace Change


    This artwork is called Embrace Change because coral is formed from the skeletons of marine animals which in turn act as protection for the fish.

  • Blue Mandala


    The term mandala means universe, in particular, a blue mandala represents harmony. It is surrounded by a design with eight parts which carries the energy of abundance.

  • Sacred Turtle

    Sacred Turtle


    This turtle is swimming toward the sea which is warmed by the sun. In this artwork, there are 13 rays, 13 pebbles, and 13 scales on the turtle shell. This equals 39 which represents the organization and the unity of the Cosmos.

  • Metamorphosis



    A metaphor for the spiritual path is the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly. Our sacred journey through life calls us to transform many times to be our authentic selves.

  • Grace



    There is text in this artwork that refers to the Grace shown in our lives through coincidences and miracles.